5k Ruta por el Arte | Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico


Let’s start by saying that running this event was really fun. The event was in the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico in Santurce. There were 333 people walking and running the 3.1 miles. I had never had an experience like this one before. When the race was about to start, I looked around and all I could see was people smiling and laughing. There was a lot of people around me. It had rained that day and there was a long puddle by the start line that everyone was trying to avoid. When the gun went off, I ran through the puddle and that’s how I started my very first 5k… with my feet wet.

It was so much fun! The first mile was pretty good. I was struggling to adjust my pace. By the second mile, I was getting better at it but I had to stop to walk for about a minute or 2, I think. I had not trained for hills and that was very obvious at that point. I kept running and when I had about half a mile left, I was pretty much done. I was asking everyone around me how much we had left. It was pretty intense. I knew I was going to finish it. But I wanted to finish in under 30 minutes and I quickly realized that it wasn’t going to be possible. However, at the end, that really didn’t matter. When I crossed that finish line, that moment of satisfaction, THAT was my real prize. I did it! I ran 3.1 miles and I didn’t die.


A week away from my second 5k (Carrera Familiar CMA)

I’m starting to think this might become something close to an addiction. After my very first 5k, I’m sort of hooked on this. I signed up for my second 5k a few weeks back and now it’s a week away. It’s the 5K Córrelo, Camínalo o Ruédalo.


I chose this race because I really liked the cause. Basically, the funds gained from this race will go towards a summer camp called Vidalegre (vida alegre) which means happy life. It’s a camp hosted by the Centro María de los Angeles, for kids with spina bifida, brain injuries, metabolic disorders and other conditions that greatly affect their and their families life.

The 5k race starts at 4pm but they have all sorts of activities throughout the day. They have a kids race at 2:30pm and it seems like it’s going to be a lot of fun. The goal for this 5k is to break 30 minutes. We’ll see how it goes. Regardless, we’re gonna have a blast!

Keep running, guys!